Artist’s Statement

Historically, pottery answered our needs for practical containers. Now it can fill our need for formal beauty, and for carriers of personal meaning. My pots rarely defy function: mugs hold coffee, jars can contain beans or human cremains. At the same time pots are small sculptures whose beauties pertain to line, form, proportion, rhythm, color and texture. I strive to make elegant forms with sumptuous surfaces.

The materials and processes of making pots have captivated me profoundly; I have shaped my life so as to be able to keep doing this work. And my life has shaped the work: reflections on experience and circumstances manifest themselves in the best pots. The pottery begins as an idea about form to be worked out in clay--- when there are successful examples to look at and reflect upon, only then do the autobiographical themes reveal themselves to me.

Kate Shakeshaft Murray Ceramics